KGRI Group
A Merchant Banking & Advisory Firm


Kiley Group, Inc. dba KGRI Group (“KGRI”) functions as a merchant banking firm specializing in providing debt and/or equity capitalization for small to medium emerging growth private enterprises with at least $1 million to $20 million of revenues.  We have over 50 years of cumulative experience successfully funding private enterprise and taking private companies public in key jurisdictions; launching them on the trading markets; and obtaining millions and millions of dollars in financings and working capital. 

Based on their years of investing experience, and a current pipeline of opportunities, the Principals believe that a tremendous opportunity exists to assist small to medium emerging growth private enterprises (SME’s), which have revenues of $1 million to $20 million, and to take advantage of funding opportunities that current financial market conditions have made more and more difficult to access. Bank financing is difficult at best to obtain; Private Equity funds and Family Offices find SMEs too small; and Venture Capital wants controlling equity in the company. In most cases, these funds, bankers and VC’s are only interested in an M&A (merger and acquisition) transaction, not in providing growth capital and/or liquidity for the SME owners. On a risk-adjusted basis, this is often the highest potential return investment stage, in a company’s development - the final investment just before an IPO. However, most investors never have access to these opportunities. 

KGRI Group (“KGRI”) fills this vacuum. KGRI differentiates itself from the competition by completely aligning its incentives with the SMEs by investing and partnering to achieve a successful capitalization, listing and liquidity. 

The KGRI Group, specializes in providing debt and/or equity capitalization for small to medium emerging growth private enterprises and typically invests as a principal into the SME candidate prior to taking it public and/or merges a KGRI controlled public vehicle with the SME candidate.

KGRI ensures that a successful public listing is obtained by micro managing the entire process and using its vast network of proven advisors, funds, broker-dealers, lawyers, auditors etc. 

KGRI formulates the appropriate macro strategy to enable the SME candidate to achieve public trading status on a U.S., Canadian, or European exchange, and provides guidance on obtaining liquidity and growth capital through the specialized network that the KGRI principals have built over the last 20 years.

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